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4 Ways to improve email open rates

A focus on creativity and simplicity, as well as relevant calls to action, can help you improve email open rates. Finding unique ways to add these elements into your email marketing strategy encourages engagement with your brand and builds your client base. Approximately 65% of small businesses have an open rate between 11% and 50%. Of course, you’d rather have 50% of your email subscribers open your email than 11%! We have a few tips that can help you approach that goal.

Be Creative

There’s no excuse for boring emails! Digital marketing gives you lots of opportunities for eye-catching visuals and fun formats; email is no exception. You don’t want your subject line to look or sound like every other email that pops up in your customers’ inboxes. Write in a friendly, conversational tone that reflects your brand voice and add in emojis where appropriate.

Simplify Content

Catchy, quick subject lines play a big role in improving email open rates. Long, drawn-out text in the subject line often means just as much text in the email. This can easily intimidate people and discourage them from opening the email. Keep things simple in the email body too. Find a happy medium that includes straightforward text, high-quality photos or graphics, and a clear call to action.

Add a Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a button or link that encourages readers to take the next step, such as order online or register for an event. Words such as offer or discount in your CTA can help you catch people’s attention, but you want to make sure you don’t sound spammy or too cheesy. No matter what your CTA says, it’s important to direct your customer exactly where they need to go.

Build Connections

You want to build a personal connection with your audience and you want your audience to feel important to you and your business. Getting to know your audience and personalizing content builds a strong connection your business will benefit from. Having a basic knowledge of your audience’s work routine and time zone may provide insight into when your emails are most likely to be seen and opened. Utilizing merge tags to place a subscriber’s name in the subject line (or email body) draws attention, even in a crowded inbox. Over time, your customers may open your emails no matter what’s in your subject line because they know your email will be relevant and valuable to them!