Adjusting your strategy as social media changes

By April 26, 2018August 31st, 2018No Comments

Social media is a quickly changing landscape, as algorithms shift, Facebook values content that keeps users on its platform and users show concern over privacy policies. These changes could mean less visibility for businesses sharing on Facebook and other social channels.

The reduction in referral traffic to websites from social media follows a trend that began in 2017. Last year, websites received 25.6% of their visitors from social media, according to Shareaholic. During the same year, search engines delivered 34.8% of website traffic. This is the first time since 2014 that organic traffic accounted for more website traffic than social channels.

How does this change affect my business?

Social media is a powerful tool that can connect your brand with current clients and potential customers. However, changes in the social media landscape mean that other digital marketing tactics are increasingly important when your goals include growing the number of people who become customers after visiting your website.

Organic Search Traffic

As Shareaholic reported, search engine traffic is growing as social media traffic plateaus. Adding search engine optimization to your marketing mix can help your website (and brand) grow, without relying on social media referrals.

We build websites with a strong technical foundation for SEO success. Fresh, informative content that readers love and search engines understand can help your site gain visitors through Google and other search engines.

Paid Advertising

Social media and SEO are tactics that only take time, making them the first choice for many companies using digital marketing. It’s also possible to gain website visitors using paid advertising, which can deliver excellent return on your investment.

Both social media and search engines offer paid options. As organic reach on Facebook and other social platforms decrease, some companies are turning to paid posts. While this means your social media is no longer “free,” the additional reach and features you gain may be worth the investment.

The same is true of search ads. SEO can take months to deliver a constant stream of qualified leads to your website. When designing digital marketing strategies, we often supplement these visitors with cost-effective search marketing.