Book of the Month for May: Elegantissima

Springtime makes us all appreciate the more beautiful things in life. In Buffalo, the city just seems to come alive, flowers bloom, the sun shines, people are smiling. And while we are on the subject of beautiful things, our book selection for May comes to mind. It also blooms, shines and makes us smile!

Elegantissima by Louise Fili

Louise Fili is a typographer and graphic designer living in New York City. She travels frequently to Italy and the surrounding areas to deliver unique hand-lettered solutions dreamt up by the fusion of her city life and her European travels. She has designed for Pantheon Books, Good Housekeeping, Tiffany & Co., School of Visual Arts in New York City and Hillary Clinton, branded countless restaurants and food packages. You may have even used a postage stamp that she designed.

Running her own graphic design studio since 1989, Louise Fili has paved the way for women designers and art directors in our industry. Her attention to detail and dedication to drawing by hand create an exquisiteness that is unmatched. Her designs feel familiar, both new and old, and overall iconic.


Branding, Graphic Design, Logo

Packaging Design, Graphic Design

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