Book of the Month for April: How to Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul

As graduation season nears, many students will be assembling their portfolios as they prepare for summer design internships, the beginning of their creative careers or maybe even freelance work. Our book of the month for April happens to be a great resource to help young professionals with this important (and fast-approaching) transition period.

How to Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy offers both practical advice and philosophical guidance to help young professionals just starting out in their careers. Have you ever wondered how the freelance gig works? Not sure what to charge for your design work? Or how to market yourself? What should you know if you want to start your own business? Other chapters are packed full on advice and stories about professional skills, the creative process, and global trends that include social responsibility, ethics, and why qualities like self awareness are becoming an increasingly important thing for designers to have. 

If you’re a student who’s looking ahead or a young professional attempting to navigate the early stages of your career, this book is a must. The entire book reads like an open and honest conversation about the good, the bad and the ugly we encounter daily with our clients and our work. You’ll get answers to questions you might not have had a chance to ask your professors.

Creating a design library is essential for young designers which is why the Parkway team likes to select a design-related ‘Book of the Month’ each month. Stay tuned for more inspiration, reading material and information on designers so that you can stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry.

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