Book of the Month: Pretty Much Everything

Aaron Draplin makes no apologies, loves his work fiercely and continues to provide us entertainment with his colorful language and even bolder designs. Pretty Much Everything was Parkway’s February book selection for one very important reason. Besides for the fact that we love his style, Draplin is headed to Buffalo and we can’t wait. On March 13th you can hear him speak or even better, learn from him at the “Make A Logo The DDC Way” workshop. We’re sending a thank you to the Western New York Book Arts Center for hosting these events. 

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The Book

His book includes all the history and influences that molded his larger-than-life personality. It’s packed to the brim with stories, case studies, inspiration, his process and some life-lessons, too. He holds nothing back, sketches on paper plates included, the creation of the well know Field Notes, and logos, logos, logos. It is obvious that Draplin is a collector of things. Things he’s found while “junkin'” and things he’s made combine for one hell of a Draplin mood board. Buffalo can’t wait to have you, Aaron!


In Action

Watch Aaron Draplin in action as he takes on a logo design challenge.


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