Case study: Increasing organic traffic with a deliberate content strategy

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Updating your blog with relevant, optimized content is one of the best ways to attract both search engines and new users to your website. While it sounds pretty straightforward, a content strategy requires a lot of intentional thought and effort. With a deliberate content strategy and relevant keyword research, we helped drive organic traffic to the Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys website while positioning them as a legal authority online.

Every good content strategy starts with a definitive business goal. In Jeffrey Freedman’s case, that was establishing their website as a trusted resource for all questions (and cases) surrounding their legal niche, Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We came up with a relevant, in-depth content strategy focused on Disability that connects with potential clients using search.

Content Calendar Collaboration

The team at Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys has been writing their blog content for years. While their posts were packed with great information and shareable stories, they lacked search engine optimization. Parkway found a way to collaborate with their team to ensure their posts get the attention they deserve from the right people!

When it comes to content creation, our most valuable tool is a content calendar. A content calendar ensures we always have Jeffrey Freedman’s business goals in mind by keeping us organized, consistent and relevant. It also makes collaboration easy and efficient! Each month, we provide Jeffrey Freedman’s writers content direction with specific phrases and topics for each blog post right in our sharable content calendar.

Looking at the Data

To ensure we’re maximizing their content opportunities, we find out exactly what search queries are already driving organic traffic to the Jeffrey Freedman website. Then, we incorporate those keywords into their content to help searchers find the answers they’re looking for. By diving into the data, we’re able to reach more potential clients with highly relevant topics.

For example, we can see that some of the most searched queries driving traffic to the Jeffrey Freedman website ask for the Social Security payment schedule. Using this information, we can assume that users will be searching for the 2021 payment schedule the closer we get to the New Year. We included that topic in our content calendar for December 2020 to ensure Jeffrey Freedman is the first resource in the SERPs when people begin searching for the 2021 schedule!

Jeffrey Freedman search queries

Targeting Longtail Keywords

After finding relevant and trending blog topics from industry publications and Jeffrey Freedman’s website data, we discover what keywords and phrases they can compete for on Google’s results page. By incorporating longtail keywords into their optimized content strategy, we’ve helped Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys gain more valuable traffic from searchers likely to invest in their legal services.

Longtail keywords are longer, more specific phrases with low search volume and low competition that deliver exactly what searchers are looking for. Using longtail keywords focused on Social Security Disability, we’ve been able to maximize Jeffrey Freedman’s organic search rankings, resulting in more impressions, clicks and, ultimately, conversions!

Since we began collaborating with Jeffrey Freedman’s team to optimize their blog content in October 2019, we’ve seen a steady increase in total clicks, impressions and conversions from organic search. In the last year, organic search traffic increased by almost 900%, with a 95% increase in conversions.

Freedman clicks and impressions Search Console graph

Updating Old Blog Posts

Updating old blog posts regularly is an important part of our content strategy for Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys. This allows us to increase organic traffic by optimizing posts that already rank for a few keywords. It also helps us eliminate duplicate content and ensure that the information is still relevant and up-to-date.

We look to see which older blog posts on Jeffrey Freedman’s website drive the most organic traffic or have seen a significant drop in organic traffic since they were first published to determine which could use some updating. There are also many posts in Jeffrey Freedman’s blog inventory that can be combined into one resourceful blog post. After performing new keyword research, we optimize old blog posts to improve their quality and search performance.