Boosting revenue and readership for one of Buffalo’s media giants

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Buffalo Rising


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You can guarantee Buffalo Rising knows what’s going on in the Queen City this week, from downtown dining to neighborhood news. Even though their editorial team is always up to date, Buffalo Rising’s website and revenue strategy weren’t.

Thousands of Buffalonians turn to Buffalo Rising as a one stop shop for local news. Parkway took years of awesome stories about Buffalo and spruced them up with a mobile-friendly, responsive design that makes it easier than ever for followers to get their daily dose. Featured stories, straightforward navigation and posts sorted by category, location and author make finding the news you care about easier than ever.

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Local companies advertise on Buffalo Rising


We talk a lot about creating digital ads for clients, but what we did for Buffalo Rising was a little different. Parkway sat down with the Buffalo Rising sales team to talk strategy. First up: clarifying ad package options and rebuilding the company’s Google DoubleClick account.

Our new site design wasn’t just for users (although they’re always priority #1); we built with local advertisers jonesing to reach Buffalo Rising’s readers in mind too. Parkway armed the Buffalo Rising sales team with their new user-friendly website and clear-cut ad options for local businesses. The sales team got to work, pitching their fresh digital footprint and reputation as one of Buffalo’s best news sources to businesses across the city. And then ad revenue doubled.

“We’ve worked closely with the Parkway team to redesign, redevelop and rebuild the latest incarnation of and couldn’t be happier with the results. Parkway Digital are amazing web developers, digital media experts, and all around great to work with.”