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Developing medical technology with the potential to impact cancer patients, individuals undergoing major surgeries and people with blood disorders is a big deal. But talking about xenon, platelets and biological agents – not as much fun.

Cellular Preservation Technologies is just one of the innovative organizations calling Buffalo home these days. In a city dotted with startups, it’s important to stand out. Sure, all the nitty-gritty details about your groundbreaking technology need to be there. But for your average website visitor (and investor), the human element is essential. Parkway featured the end user, medical professionals and their patients, throughout a clean, industry-appropriate design.

Logo Design

We approached Cellular Preservation Technology’s new logo with the same intention. Soft, interconnected lines evoke biotechnology without being obvious. Backing away from literal representations of blood cells, platelets or marrow keeps Cellular Preservation Technology approachable. The rich red gives users a good hint as to what this organization is all about, while also standing out from other startups’ blue, green and orange icons.