Pairing childcare marketing solutions with a touch of whimsy

Home page design for ParentSeek


  • Website Design
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  • Digital Strategy
Daycare center owners are very busy people. To catch their attention, Parkway created a no-nonsense site with customizable products, fluff-free resources and a healthy dose of whimsy for good measure.

ParentSeek isn’t like their competitors, so their website couldn’t be like other industry sites either. Instead, Parkway created a modern, colorful, engaging and informative digital footprint, letting childcare providers know that ParentSeek totally gets that the kids always come first. A responsive design and speedy load time across all devices help ParentSeek reach childcare center directors constantly moving between staff meetings, community events and lesson planning.

ParentSeek's responsive website on an iPad
Mobile-friendly design and content marketing for ParentSeek

Content Marketing

ParentSeek got to work on a content marketing strategy based on keyword research, actionable advice and social shareability. Our blog posts were designed to capture the attention of directors who know they need to up their game online but haven’t really thought about a digital strategy.

The ParentSeek website is designed to capture leads. How, exactly? Well, there’s an awesome marketing guide that completely outlines how to get the attention of local parents, which is exactly what childcare centers want to do. The website’s footer is dedicated to this guide and there’s a big button pointing to it in the header too. In exchange for this awesome guide, ParentSeek is going to need your email address and phone number. And there’s your lead.

“Since starting with the Parkway team, our center is full and not a morning goes by that our email is not full of inquiries. No one else has accomplished that for us.”