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Cryotherapy is pretty cool (sorry, we had to) and Cryo-Wellness of America is bringing it to Buffalo. They needed to spread the word in a way that both piqued curiosity and quelled fears, so we created a site that lets potential members know exactly what they’re in for.

Buffalo is already freezing; why would anyone step into a chamber cooled to -184° F? Our friends at Cryo-Wellness of America tell us that there are serious health benefits and their whole-body chamber makes it pretty easy to experience too. To help convince other people of this, Parkway created a website that provides lots of information, easy-to-use forms and backend integrations that make becoming a member simple and secure.

Educating website visitors on cryotherapy
Integrating CRM system into Cryo Wellness website


Using software to streamline everyday tasks gives the people behind Cryo-Wellness more time to focus on their cutting-edge treatments. Parkway implemented integrations within Cryo-Wellness’ website that simplify communication between members and center staff.

“Parkway is an excellent team of individuals who guided us through this process with the utmost professionalism and patience. We could not be happier.
We look forward to continued collaboration.”