Showcasing a family-owned business’s commitment to high-quality service

Renda & Renda


  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
For a lot of small businesses and families, finding the right accountant is exhausting. It’s hard enough to figure out what all those number mean! Renda & Renda knows that. They keep track of big tax law changes and looming deadlines – so you don’t have to.

The team at Renda & Renda is experienced, friendly and up-to-date on their industry. Their website got that point across pretty well… when it was built a decade ago. Today’s digitally savvy business owners and families want more, like in-depth descriptions of Renda & Renda’s services and easy-to-use contact forms. Parkway balanced modern graphics, contemporary photos and informative content to help these talented tax professionals connect with potential clients.

On-Site SEO

Our job was to take Renda & Renda’s website from bare-bones to fully-fledged. We sat down for a conversation with John Renda himself to learn why both clients and employees stick around for generations.

Taking what we learned, along with keyword research and a quick look at other local accountants’ websites, we built a sitemap and content structure that reflects Renda & Renda’s specialties and strengths. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, real estate agent, healthcare company or individual, Renda & Renda is here to help. And there’s a page on their website that tells you (and search engines like Google) how.

“The team at Parkway Digital is wonderful! They are knowledgable, responsive, and genuinely kind. Our website is an on-going project… we have felt supported throughout the process, and are confident going forward.”