Flexibility is the most important quality a startup can have

With company’s like 43 North and The Awesome Foundation laying roots in Buffalo lately, it’s important to discuss the effect that startup businesses can have on our community. More importantly, how startups and small businesses can thrive. Our city is in the middle of a resurgence and the nation has started to notice. Something to consider for the entrepreneurs setting their sights in Buffalo? Remain open-minded to the opportunities around you and the feedback you receive from your users! It’s tough to let an original idea morph into something you might not have originally foreseen. You’ll be better off for it!

Did you know that YouTube was supposed to be a dating website? The original website spit out a “dating video” at random. Their motto was “Tune in, hook up.” No one was using the service even when they offered to start paying them to do so. The creators gave it some thought and decided that some videos were better than no videos on the site. They lightened the restrictions and allowed users to upload videos of anything and they responded. YouTube now has over 1 billion users and that 300 hours of video gets uploaded to the site every minute!

Sometimes ideas change…

Wrigley originally gave gum away to their customers for free when they purchased baking powder and soap. The gum quickly became the more popular item. 3M was only trying to create a better adhesive for the aerospace industry. Avon was supposed to sell books, not makeup. This is why flexibility becomes so important in the business model. Blockbuster is a great example of a company that remained stagnant and because of that no longer provided a valuable service to its users. However, Redbox and Netflix, among others quickly saw the opportunity and seized it.

At Parkway Digital, we love working with organizations that are dedicated to our city. We want to help your startup with whatever it needs to succeed in the City of Good Neighbors – ideation, strategy, advertising, social media and more!

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