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Parkway Digital is working at full capacity during COVID-19

Parkway Digital is operating at full capacity during the novel coronavirus pandemic. We are lucky to work remotely, prioritizing both our team’s health and our clients’ needs. The services you rely on Parkway Digital for, including website support, email marketing and important updates, will not be interrupted by COVID-19.

To contact our team, send us an email. You can also call the office; your call will be forwarded to us at home. We have our phones and computers in front of us, just like we would in the office. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help your business during this uncertain time.

COVID Notification Bar Plugin

Keeping your customers up to date in a rapidly changing situation like the current COVID-19 pandemic is essential. Parkway Digital is helping our clients and other WordPress users spread the word about their response to the novel coronavirus.

We quickly developed COVID Notification Bar, a WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to keep updates front and center on your website. While our plugin is simple, it’s incredibly effective. Rather than a disappearing popup or link in a large menu, COVID Notification Bar keeps the latest information easily accessible for your website visitors.

If we built your website, let us know if you’d like our help spreading the word about how your business is adapting to COVID-19 using our new plugin.

Staying Connected During Social Distancing

We are relying on tools like Slack, Monday and, of course, email to stay connected to each other and our clients. We firmly believe that Parkway Digital does its best work as a team. Strong client relationships are an important piece of how we do business. These connections won’t be broken by the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, we are actively planning so that we emerge from this time as a better partner to your business.