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How to get your website project started (and keep it moving)

By May 10, 2021No Comments

As Parkway’s project manager, Jenna gets a lot of questions about timelines. So she’s tackling the topic to help you kick off your website design project and keep things moving throughout the process!

Of course, your project’s timeline is impacted by a lot of factors, including our schedules, the time of year, the scope of the project, etc. There are some things we just can’t control and even fewer things you can. However, whether you’re trying to find the right partner for your website rebuild or your new site is already on our to do list (yay 🤗), there are lots of ways you can prepare ahead of time to keep your project on track.

Let’s walk through our website design and development process so you can get to know what each piece of the project requires. This will help you find or create everything we’ll need to get your website started (and keep it moving)!

Before the Project

Think About Customer Journey

Before a redesign, revisit the structure of your site. How do your customers use the site? Are there pages that should be added or pages you no longer need? Could the navigation be simplified? If you have access to your Google Analytics account, dive into the data to help you make these decisions.

Consider Content

If you are redesigning your current website, consider if you’ll be moving the content from your current site to your new site. A redesign also presents a great opportunity to reassess and reorganize what your website says, or even write new content. Your third option is having our team write keyword-optimized content with both customers and search engines in mind.

Organize Assets

Gather your logo files and brand guidelines to hand them off to our team. We’ll need every version of your logo (full color, black, and white) and we prefer live files (.eps or .ai). If you have original imagery you’d like included, such as recent product or team photos, send it over as well.

During the Project

Respond with Feedback

One of the easiest ways to keep your project on schedule is with timely feedback. Your first proof will include your website’s homepage and an internal page. Once these pages are exactly what you imagined, we can build out the rest of the website and send it over for your final approval.

Collect Passwords

Before we launch your website, we’ll need the login information for your current website hosting and domain providers. Having this information on hand prior to launch speeds up the final steps of your website project.

Our best advice is to keep in contact with the Parkway team (especially Jenna!) so that we can walk you through these steps. It’s also helpful to know if you’ll be working on these items for a while, so we can plan for a timeline that works for both of us!