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How Google determines SEO value from links

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It’s a common request and question that we hear from our clients, “Why doesn’t our website show up when I Google it?” Or, “How do I get my website on the first page of Google’s search results?” It can be frustrating if you don’t fully understand search engine optimization (SEO) or the process that Google uses to index websites.

Internal, outbound and inbound links are an effective way to maximize your website’s value. Below we discuss four ways to incorporate and improve the links that you already have on your website. Google wants to provide the best content based on the search criteria.

How to improve links within your site:


Create Content

Improving any SEO ranking starts here. In order to have a lot of links, you have to have a lot of content. What does your company do best? Focus on that. Offer a reasonable number of links to your readers. It’s a vague rule but use your best judgment. No one wants to read through a short article with 30 links sprinkled throughout.

Use Anchor Text

This is the clickable portion of text that you use to create a link. Keywords are no longer necessary in the anchor text but it is important to make them flow into the writing naturally. Notice how the words “clickable portion” fit right into the language and tone of the content? Based on their color change, a link already provides a distraction – at least ease the reader through it with natural language.

Link Destination

Choose the sources you link to carefully. The internal pages of your site and external websites that you send your users to should be trusted sources and provide relevant and useful information to them. Google aims to deliver the best results to those searching. It’s important to source relevant information for your users by linking to other valuable (like-minded) places on the internet.

Domain Diversity

How many websites have linked to the content on your website? That would be an inbound link. When you start link building for your site, diversity in each and every aspect – anchor text, linking source and destination URL, matters!