How we’re streamlining our internal processes

By July 6, 2020January 7th, 2021No Comments

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? At Parkway Digital, we believe a great team is the foundation of high-quality work. Successful teamwork begins with efficiency behind the scenes, which is why we’ve made an intentional effort to prioritize our internal processes.

Introspection is the key to positive change. While the last few months have looked quite different for us (to say the least), they’ve encouraged us to take an inward look at our day-to-day approach. We’ve been able to identify weaknesses within our routine and make modifications to our internal procedures that fulfill the needs of our clients, partners and teammates.

Making Tools Work

Parkway is focusing on maintaining a solid framework no matter the work environment with collaborative tools. Our team has been using a number of software solutions to maintain an organized workflow for years. However, working remotely has pushed us to explore and utilize tools more purposefully to better streamline our internal system.

Whether we’re working from home or in the office, digital tools like Slack and Monday help us stay connected, productive and accountable throughout the workday. We’ve integrated our tools into our daily habits and workflows to ensure that our team is on the same page at all times. We also use tools accessible to our clients, including Google Drive and AgencyAnalytics, that make collaborating effective and stress-free.

Streamlining Workflows and Results

Investing time in our internal habits allows us to streamline our workflows, projects and ultimately, results. Our small team focuses on close collaboration to ensure our internal processes are as agile and productive as possible.

Managing a nimble operation enables us to deliver seamless campaigns and impactful results for our clients. Each of our projects is divided among team members, allowing us to hold each other accountable, step by step. Every project and process is ranked based on priority level as well.

By adjusting our workflow for maximum efficiency and agility, we can better accommodate our clients’ evolving needs. We incorporate marketing automation into our digital campaigns to ensure that we’re making the most efficient use of our time, as well as our clients’.

With the help of these tools and the processes they support, we’re readily available to chat with our clients when they have a question or want to talk about a new solution for their business.