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What’s all the buzz about net neutrality?

Net neutrality has been the topic of conversation over the last few months. It was proposed that the laws set forth in 2015 be repealed. It caused an uproar among internet users (everyone).

These laws ensured that all traffic was treated the same on each network, meaning a national flower service wouldn’t be given more internet space than your local mom and pop flower shop.

What could this repeal mean for you as a consumer? As a business owner? Initially, it might mean preferential treatment for certain sites. It might mean a slower internet speed overall. Looking for a quick summary so you can catch yourself up to speed? Watch this video!

How did they vote?

The Federal Communications Commission decides on the rules and regulations that internet providers (think Verizon and Comcast) must follow. The FCC opted to repeal net neutrality and in doing so, attempted to break up the monopolies that exist with our current service providers.

Sixty-three percent of Americans have only one choice available when it comes to the internet (How the end of net neutrality could change the internet, Vox). From a consumer and small business perspective, the outlook is grim. Getting charged for the data you consume will mean good things for some and very expensive outcomes for others. Still, experts feel strongly that this repeal will allow more choices for internet users.

One thing we know for sure? Humans will adapt to changes, as we always have. Not using the internet is not an option; try to stay open-minded and patient!