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Why does Parkway love WordPress?

At Parkway, we build our clients’ websites on WordPress, an open source content management system (CMS). What, exactly, does that mean? Your content management system is how you access and edit the content (design, pages, posts, images, etc.) on your website. Because WordPress is open source, anyone can use or modify the software for their website.

WordPress is designed to be accessible, easy to use and secure, which makes it a great solution for us and our clients. Other designers and developers agree; WordPress currently powers 31% of all websites.

Why do we love WordPress?

Lots of features make WordPress the best solution for our websites. These 5 components are some of our favorites!

1. It’s an open source software

As we mentioned above, WordPress is open source. This means it’s possible to change the code that makes up the software to make it do exactly what we want. Other developers can do the same, so the number of plugins (for calendars, social sharing, SEO and more) available is huge.

Open source is not synonymous with unsecure. In fact, because so many developers use WordPress, it’s constantly tested and updated to be even more secure!

2. It’s pretty easy to use

We like to work with, not for, our clients. WordPress is a very visual content management system, so it’s easy for a small business owner to learn how to make simple changes. After every website is complete, we train our clients to edit text, make new web pages and swap images.

3. It’s flexible and customizable

WordPress acts as a backbone (and a moveable one at that) for all sorts of designs. Almost a third of websites in the world are built on WordPress, but they don’t all look alike. Because we don’t have to worry about starting from scratch, we can spend a lot more time thinking about the best way to deliver what a business and its customers need from a site.

4. It’s a browser-based software

We can make updates and edits from anywhere because all we have to do is log on through our web browser. This also lets more than one of Parkway’s team members work on a site at once and we can avoid undoing each other’s work without realizing it.

5. It’s great for SEO

Search engine optimization is essential in today’s digital world. WordPress’ clean code and beginnings as a blogging platform make it a great base for an optimized site. SEO takes hard work, but WordPress lets us start ahead of sites built on bulkier platforms.