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Parkway’s Christmas wishlist: 2018 edition

Honestly, the Parkway team is lucky enough to have everything we need, but it’s still fun to get a few gifts under the tree. Parkway’s 2018 Christmas wishlist includes a little bit of everything, from summertime accessories (can you tell it’s already snowing in Buffalo?) to stuff that helps us sleep better. We love giving just as much as getting, so our list also includes a few items we’re excited to gift our friends, family and community members less fortunate than us.

Airbnb Gift Cards

You never know when a spur of the moment getaway will lead you to NOLA, Maine or the PNW (just a few of the destinations on our mind for 2019)! There’s something so satisfying about finding the cutest Airbnb to call home base during a trip.

Bombas Socks

Jenna says these are the greatest socks in the world and we have no reason to doubt her. Bombas is a Certified B Corporation and they’re committed making an impact through a whole lot of little good deeds. For every pair of socks purchased, Bombas donates a pair to a person in need because socks are the #1 requested clothing item at homeless shelters.

Coats for Children in Need

We know how cold waiting for the bus in the morning is, how exhausting the wind whipping across the parking lot feels and how darn expensive a good winter coat is. Not a fancy one, not a cool one, just a warm one. And we’re done growing!

That’s why Rob always makes sure he adds a few kids’ coats to his shopping list this time of year.

Digital NYT Subscription

Five free articles a month is just not enough to keep up with everything happening in the world these days. The New York Times’ All Access Subscription includes unlimited digital articles and access to NYT Cooking (which is the for a few dollars a month. Nothing like staying informed and full while supporting good journalism.

Light Weight Sleeping Bag

Even in the summer, sleeping under the stars while camping (some of us at state parks, others at music festivals) can get chilly. A new sleeping bag that keeps us warm while we fall asleep without sliding everywhere or somehow wrapping around us twice? Yes please. Bonus points if it doesn’t weigh twenty pounds and take up more room than everything else we’re packing combined!

Local Wishlists

Some of our favorite local organizations have pretty simple wishlists. For a lot of smaller nonprofits, even a few extra donations make a huge difference.

Jenna got married this year, so between two showers and a wedding, it seems like she and her husband have absolutely everything they could ever need. Instead of scrambling to think of more gift ideas, she’s pointing people toward a few of her favorite organizations: Senior Wishes and the SPCA.

Pura Vida Beach Blanket

The California-based bracelet company employs hundreds of artisans around the world to make all the accessories Gen Z needs for an Instagram-worthy day at the beach. Their beach blanket is towel on one side and canvas on the other – perfect for the beach, concerts, camping, picnics and, of course, Taylor’s Instagram feed.

Sewing Machine

Dana is a big fan of Project Runway and she’s dying for her own “make it work” moment! A sewing machine has been a staple on her Christmas list for years and it still hasn’t appeared under the tree. Maybe because no one can figure out how to wrap Tim Gunn?

Weighted Blanket

We could all use a little more sleep at night, judging by the coffee we’re sipping on every morning. The weighted blanket sensation has not gone unnoticed by our sleep-deprived staff. The Parkway team is pretty excited to see if 15 pounds worth of fluffy blanket is really as miraculous the internet says.