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How Parkway Digital is helping clients respond to COVID-19

If there’s one absolute certainty among the confusion caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that people are relying heavily on the internet. We’re using our devices for work, school, groceries and entertainment while we’re cooped up in our homes all day.

Brands are quickly adapting to digital business models, which look a bit different for everyone. Surviving the impact of COVID-19 may entail solutions like ecommerce or social media marketing. Overcoming an uncertain time like this is going to require a little creativity for some businesses.

As a digital agency, Parkway Digital has a lot of experience doing business online. We’re helping our clients do the same as they adjust to the current circumstances.

Buffalo Museum of Science: Virtual Science Fair

Like many other organizations in our community, the Buffalo Museum of Science had to make major adjustments to comply with stay-at-home ordinances. As an organization dependent on physical visitors, there wasn’t a straight-forward solution. The Museum envisioned a new way to interact with families: daily science activities they could do at home.

The Parkway Digital team grabbed hold of the “Virtual Science Fair” idea and jumped into action!

Executing the Buffalo Museum of Science’s Vision

Our technical team used the concept of a cookbook to program a custom plugin for the Museum. The plugin fits right into their existing website, allowing the Museum’s staff to build a library of educational activities families can reference, even after we all go back to work and school.

Buffalo Museum of Science's Virtual Science Fair

This Virtual Science Fair is a great way for families to engage with the museum while at home. The museum is even offering incentives to those who participate in the virtual program, like chances to win admission passes or a VIP birthday party at either the Museum or Tifft Nature Preserve when they reopen!

American Medical Seminars: Virtual Conferences

When the government began announcing increasingly stringent bans on crowds and non-essential travel restrictions, American Medical Seminars (AMS) canceled their live conferences until the COVID-19 crisis is resolved. The medical education company decided the most sensible alternative would be to hold the conferences virtually. This way, physicians can earn required continuing education credits while learning new skills and information they need to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting American Medical Seminars’ Webinars

Parkway Digital worked with AMS to transition its live conferences to a similar virtual format. First, we built the webinar service using the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) with an echo to YouTube Live. The RTSP communicates directly with the server streaming the data, allowing the webinar to be broadcast online in real-time. Presenters and attendees can also interact with one another.

After developing a live streaming solution, we modified WordPress to capture the real-time stream and display it on the AMS website. We also merged the webinar workflow into the existing AMS user experience. This makes the new system pretty similar to what existing AMS customers are used to.

Lastly, we integrated the webinar service with the online testing certification Learning Management System (LMS). Webinar attendees can take their continuing medical education exam online and automatically receive their certificate after passing the exam!


American Medical Seminars' Webinars

CME4Life: Emergency Medicine Crash Courses

Our country’s healthcare system is ill-prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic’s scope. It lacks supplies, resources, staff and competence for the situation at hand. Parkway Digital’s longtime continuing medical education client, CME4Life, is offering virtual “crash courses” for PAs and NPs that do not normally practice in an urgent care setting. These courses offer guidance to those healthcare providers who may feel unprepared to enter an emergency department during this alarming time.

Parkway Digital built a webinar service for CME4Life so they can provide these crash courses for their customers. The team at Parkway Digital is also helping CME4Life and AMS release timely videos and podcasts with critical COVID-19 details – free of hype and speculation. With our help, CME4Life is able to deliver relevant and up-to-date information to healthcare professionals all over the country digitally.

CORE: COVID-19 Infographic

The CDC has advised everyone to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, especially with unwashed hands, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. To inform and advise contact lens wearers, glasses wearers and eye care professionals who may be concerned about eye hygiene right now, the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) assembled a series of evidence-based tips. CORE investigates fundamental research questions relating to the ocular surface and biomaterials, particularly contact lenses.

The Parkway Digital design team worked with McDougall Communication to design an infographic and animated video to pair with CORE’s “Contact Lens Wear and Coronavirus” national media campaign. The infographic translates CORE’s ocular research into digestible tips with effective data visuals and appropriate information hierarchy, making it easy to understand and act on. Our designers carefully tailored the infographic to complement the existing CORE-branded materials.

Our design team’s graphics were then used to develop a short animation based on the infographic. Using our materials, CORE can clearly and effectively communicate the facts that contact lens and glasses wearers need to know during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Can Parkway Help Your Business?

Socially distanced communities are turning to the internet, making a seamless digital footprint more important than ever. We love being able to help our clients continue to serve and support their customers during this tough time. Let us know how we can help you adjust your digital presence to meet your business’ needs!