Try keeping a summer sketchbook this summer

As you plan for your summer getaways, start thinking about how you’ll keep the creative juices flowing in a way that will complement your busy schedule. Consider keeping a travel journal or visual journal filled with observations and experiences you collect over the summer! Use the following tips to get started. It’s a great habit to grow your illustration skills, an easy and free activity to start, and eventually you’ll have a keepsake journal that will be more memorable than any shot glass souvenir.


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Look for the hashag #traveljournal on Instagram for inspiration and travel ideas!


Set Time Aside

Just like a muscle, our creativity has to be exercised. Spend a few moments each day reflecting on the days events, taking notes, planning an itinerary or a quick to-do list.


Note Details

Even the boring ones! It will help describe the experience. Humans have naturally bad memories so draw what you ate, what you saw, new things you learned or a favorite place that you visited.


Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to mix mediums. Write, draw, paint, scrapbook, add photographs, tickets… Try a new medium or use an old favorite and notice how your drawing evolves over time.


Be Present

Taking photos on trips and uploading them to social media can be fun but drawing a landscape while you sit in front of it will make you more observant and really allow you to enjoy the moment. Lessen your screen time, relax and soak up your surroundings.


Let It Flow

Don’t erase! Journaling can also be used as a practice in mindfulness. Try not to touch that eraser or start a new page.  Embrace serendipity. If you are really unhappy with something you created, come back and layer over it later but don’t dwell on it.


Have Fun

This is highly recommended. You definitely don’t want the journal to start to feel like a chore. Journal when you’re winding down from the day, get down the basics and add to it later if you can.


User Friendly

Anyone can participate in the journaling process! Try sharing your pages with your travel buddy or keep separate journals and compare your experiences and drawings after the trip.


So pack away those notebooks and your favorite medium of choice (pencils work just find if you’re trying to save space) and get to documenting all that your summer has to offer. Your travel journals will soon become your favorite souvenir. We promise!

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