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The Parkway team keeps growing!

By September 10, 2021September 28th, 2021No Comments

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the newest member of Parkway’s content team! Victor, a digital copywriter, brings an engaging and creative approach to written content.

Victor believes that copywriting is an art and a science. Since readers are drawn to content that speaks to them, not for them, he aims to write content that integrates seamlessly with your vision and your reader’s sensibilities. Victor has experience creating optimized blog posts, email blasts, landing pages, and much more!

Before joining the Parkway Digital team, Victor honed his SEO writing skills as a freelance content writer for several business clients at TheHoth, a digital marketing agency dedicated to boosting client visibility in Google’s search results. He has also written engaging content for the vegan wellness app Assuaged, Inc. He even cut webpage bounce rates by finding solutions to SEO weaknesses.

Victor also holds a BA in Journalism and Philosophy and is a HubSpot-certified content marketing professional. He is a lifelong learner who loves to read and is passionate about mental health and mindfulness. Victor frequently adds to his collection of nonfiction books on business and psychology. Many of these books served as early inspirations for his passion for copywriting!

Victor is a natural people person who frequently gives back to his community as a member of The North Tonawanda Peacemakers and the Erie Canal Gateway Lion’s Club. He is thankful to these organizations because they have taught him many valuable lessons about selfless service and community engagement.

When he isn’t working hard or challenging himself by learning new things, Victor loves to sit back on his terrace in the cool summer shade and watch nature do its thing.

It’s great to have Victor on board! He’ll be making waves with us because he shares our vision for meaningful connections with our clients.