Unique URLs and the SEO Benefit

Just one of the many items out of CES 2014, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving announced the rollout of a new feature allowing businesses to register a more relevant domain name. In the past, individuals would be forced to stick with the traditional .com, .biz or .net endings to their url. In the coming weeks, GoDaddy aims to change that with the release of some 800 new alternatives like .plumber, .photography and .doctor.

With the availability of these keyword-rich domain names, search engine optimization will no longer be limited to traditional methods. Access to a url that includes something about their business or service, will allow folks to better optimize the url itself.

Pre-registration has already begun for some of the domain names, with plans to open up 20 new ones on a weekly basis throughout the coming year

While the effectiveness (and cost) of the new relevant domain names has yet to be seen , we should have some idea in the coming year. Gone are the days of metatags. Whether good or bad, relevancy means more than a keyword heavy description on a homepage. Unique urls are just one more tool available in the ultimate quest to get your website at the top spot on Google.

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