Using Facebook to improve your business

Social media management is one of the easiest ways to drum up traffic, interest and even sales for your business or organization. Use the tips below to improve your social media strategy!

Add a Call-To-Action button:

A basic way to increase clicks and conversions on your Facebook page is by including a call-to-action button. Once activated, this button can be found at the top of your page to left of the “Like” button. It is easy for users see and even easier to use. You can direct your followers to an action of your choice. Click here to learn how to add a button to your page.

Some options:

Sign Up – i.e. For a newsletter or email list
Contact Us – Allows visitors to easily get in touch with you
Shop Now – Take them to your ecommerce website
Book Now – Do your clients make appointments for your services?

Post visual content:

Photos can help call attention to the information you post. Add eye-catching photography to status updates and events to stop users from quickly scrolling through their feed. The right imagery will entice them to click into your page. In addition, use imagery on your page (i.e. profile picture, cover photo) that matches your brand aesthetic to keep styling consistent.

Add variety:

It’s important to vary the type of content you post. Articles, videos, ads, status updates, photos and promotions are a few types of posts you might consider. The recipe for this is unique to each business but some things to keep in mind are that users are most likely to unlike a page because of uninteresting posts or a high frequency of posting.

Check your Engagement:

Facebook makes it easy to check how much interaction your posts are receiving. At the bottom of each post it will inform you how many people it has reached. Use this data to see what type of posts have the most success. In addition, use the Insights tab to keep track of the daily, weekly, or monthly activity on your page.

Promote your posts:

75% of brands promote their Facebook posts. It increases your visibility, helps you engage with customers and improves your branding. Tip: If something you posted is getting lots of likes and attention on its own, boost it so that it reaches an even larger audience!

Interact with your users:

Add a personal touch to your Facebook page by interacting with those who visit. This can be as simple as thanking someone who left a review of your business or responding to messages in a timely manner. Humanizing the brand can make the company more relatable and allows you to provide customized and efficient customer service.

If you are wondering how Facebook can benefit your business, the Parkway team can manage all this and more, to help improve your social media presence! 

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