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Examining web design trends for 2019

By January 17, 2019No Comments

2019 is another year brimming with opportunity in the world of website design! We’re excited about the trends, techniques and functionality that began to appear in web design last year and we’ll definitely see implemented in 2019. Keep this list of web design best practices in mind as you evaluate your current website and think about the future of your digital presence.

Speedy Sites

It’s no surprise that speed is at the top of our list of web design best practices for the second year in a row. Potential customers want to find what they need on your website – and they want to find it fast. With videos and animations becoming commonplace on websites, load time becomes a concern. While we love sites that do cool stuff, we’re also always aware of how a slow website can affect your organic rankings, digital ads’ performance and users’ perception of your brand.

To see how your website’s design could be affecting its speed, use PageSpeed Insights (a tool from Google). Not only will you be informed about your website’s performance, but the tool also provides feedback and offers tips on how to speed up your site.

Minimalist Design

Because speed and easy-to-find information are more important than ever to users, minimalist design is growing in popularity for 2019. Lots of open space and a limited number of elements keep load times fast and makes minimalist websites simple to navigate. These designs also scale well to mobile devices, which can help your business succeed in Google’s mobile-first world.

Single-page website with minimalist design for Pressure Drop

Another web design trend for 2019 is the rise of single-page sites. These minimalist designs put everything your customers might need to know on one page. It’s easy to scroll from section to section, even on a small phone screen.

Goodbye Grid

Using a grid helps designers organize information to make it easy to understand. This goes for everything from newspapers and brochures to websites and social media graphics. Again this year, web designers are letting go of the grid. We’re mixing horizontal and vertical type, rethinking layouts and adding layered graphics to make our clients’ products stand out.

Video Backgrounds

Catching your website visitors’ attention with a cool video of your store, your product or your building can help them stick around longer (which sends positive signals to search engines). It also helps potential customers get to know your brand’s personality. Just keep in mind that your vision may not quite fit on a mobile screen and long, high-resolution video can slow down your site.

Video background on website for Tifft Nature Preserve


Animations help explain complex ideas in a fun, simplified way. They also add visual interest and keep people engaged in what you have to say. Humans’ attention span has shrunk to just 8 seconds max, so anything that keeps users interested in your website is worth using.

The ParentSeek website uses subtle animations

Using these web design best practices in any upgrades you have planned for 2019 will help your website stand out. Stay ahead of the curve (and competitors) by implementing these trending elements!