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What you need to know about WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 has arrived, and with it comes the much-anticipated Gutenberg Editor. Parkway designs exclusively in WordPress because we love how easy it is for our clients to make changes for themselves. We’re very excited about WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg because they’re going to make it even easier to make pretty posts without a designer or developer.

This WordPress update doesn’t really affect our web design team right now. Eventually, the Gutenberg Editor will make its way to page layout. Right now, it really only pertains to posts. That’s because Gutenberg will first replace TinyMCE, the current blog post interface (below).

Classic TinyMCE Editor for WordPress blog posts

Gutenberg’s biggest claim to fame is drag and drop functionality. Users will be able to choose from blocks like headings, paragraphs, images, social media embeds, buttons and tables. You’ll also be able to install plugins to add blocks with product prices and other cool info. This makes Gutenberg kind of like the plugins we already use to make editing a more visual experience (rather than just code), like Visual Composer and Elementor. You can see those options in the screenshot above.

Note: Visual Composer updated so that you can put Gutenberg blocks within Visual Composer elements if you need to. Pretty cool!

The difference is that now this functionality is right in WordPress, rather than in an additional tool. If you use another drag and drop program, like Visual Composer or even MailChimp, you’ll be able to pick up this new editor really easily!

At this point, Gutenberg has less flexibility than other page builders, which is one reason it won’t be used for page layouts, at least not yet. It’s also important to know that you can turn off the Gutenberg Editor if you want to stick with the classic editor layout for a little bit longer.

Before we start using WordPress 5.0, we want to make sure all the bugs are worked out. We’re excited to start playing around with all that Gutenberg has to offer on a few test websites in the coming weeks. When we’re confident that the update is ready to go, we’ll get to work moving websites over to the shiny new WordPress 5.0!

Why We’re Excited for Gutenberg

Gutenberg gives us more options for blog post layouts right in WordPress and we’re excited to give them a whirl. This is what has us most pumped:

  • The ability to easily add layout elements, like buttons and separators, to make blog posts more skimmable and shoppable.
  • Image block setting that make it easy to add alt tags, which are great for SEO but often overlooked.
  • Blocks for video embeds, so all you have to do to add a video from YouTube (which users love) is paste the URL.
  • The huge number of keyboard shortcuts. You may not need these, but we write a lot of blog posts, so we think this will be a big time saver.
  • The ability to create Gutenberg templates from multiple blocks in a specific order.
  • Adding additional blocks using plugins, like putting product information and pricing into a blog post about the product.

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