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Digital Strategy.

Communicating excellence and approachability with user-friendly upgrades

Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys website design on tablet
Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys


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Parkway and Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys go back – way back. When the firm needed a new site to show just how experienced AND approachable their attorneys are, we were ready to give them a modern, intuitive redesign that did just that.

Of course, we outfitted this site with a responsive design and technical upgrades, but we’re more excited about what we left out: legal jargon, buried information and unusable contact forms. That’s a serious breath of fresh air for clients frustrated by complicated disability law and unnavigable government websites. What happens when you put client needs first? For Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, lead intakes increased over 230%.

Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys Homepage
Content-focused responsive web design

Implementing a user-first advertising strategy

We infused Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys’ advertising strategy with the same positive, user-first mentality that made their new website so special. Targeted search, display and remarketing ads are coupled with tailored landing pages to help searchers find exactly what they need.

Customized landing pages, purposeful user flow and easy-to-use contact forms add personalization in an industry often lacking it. Parkway’s focus on users’ needs and technical upgrades shows in elements ranging from the responsive design to featured success stories. You know where else our commitment to user experience shows? Improved conversions across every single type of device.

“I’ve entrusted Parkway to handle my digital advertising needs for many years. The team has opened my eyes to the potential of digital marketing, and without a doubt, my business has experienced the impressive benefits.”
Jeffrey Freedman, Managing Partner

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