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Showcasing the creative process that produces collaborative spaces

Mach Architecture website homepage preview on tablet
Mach Architecture


  • Website Design

Mach Architecture designs innovative spaces where students live and learn. Inspiring learners with inclusive, supportive environments is their specialty. It was time for a website that truly showcased Mach Architecture’s impact on campus communities.

Parkway Digital’s top priority was designing a website that made it easy to navigate Mach Architecture’s impressive portfolio. We outlined a sitemap that separates academic buildings from residence halls and food service spaces from primary and secondary schools. Now, decision-makers from institutions interested in Mach Architecture’s services can easily find the projects most applicable to their next build.

A new organizational hierarchy and slimmed-down portfolio allow Mach Architecture’s best work to speak for itself. We know these changes are the right choice for the firm’s long-term digital success. To make the transition to this refreshed structure as seamless as possible, we implemented a long list of redirects and submitted the website’s new sitemap to Google right away.

Mach Architecture website design desktop display
Mach Architecture responsive website design mobile display

Accenting imagery with architectural elements

Mach Architecture creates spaces that help colleges, universities and school districts evolve. To highlight the firm’s commitment to flexible, adaptive spaces, we gave the website’s imagery a boost with futuristic, geometric elements that mimic their logo. These accents, along with a purposefully asymmetric—yet balanced—layout, pull viewers through the website and let Mach Architecture’s work shine.

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