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Tailoring user experience with a local look and feel

Shield Security Systems website featuring geofencing
SHIELD Security Systems


  • Website Design
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Geotargeting

SHIELD Security Systems uses local technicians, helpful customer service and a strong digital presence to compete against national security brands. However, what works online is constantly changing.

The Parkway team took a looong look at SHIELD’s existing website before making our first move. With dozens of landing pages, hundreds of blog posts and an entire product catalog, there was a lot of stuff for potential customers (and search engines) to navigate through. We chipped away at the sitemap until we were left with only the essentials – and seriously beefed up the backend in the process.

Shield Security Systems website homepage image
Shield Security Systems responsive website phone display

Connecting with all different communities through geotargeting

One of SHIELD’s best features is its locally-based security experts. To make their website just as welcoming as their local offices, SHIELD needed content that resonated with potential customers, whether they’re homeowners in Kansas City or property managers in Buffalo.

Parkway used a multi-part approach to location-specific content to connect with communities. When you’re in Buffalo, SHIELD Security Systems’ website displays a menu with everything you need to protect your Western New York property. And in Kansas City, the menu you see links to what you should know about securing what matters most to you in Northeast Kansas. The same goes for the Lehigh Valley, Hampton Bays, Mankato and other regions across the country.

To customize your experience, Parkway used MaxMind’s GeoIP database to determine where you’re physically located. Then, site visitors are segmented by geolocation and served a cached version of the SHIELD website based on their region. This allows the website to adjust to larger waves of traffic – while still providing a personalized user experience.

SHIELD needed more than a menu to let site visitors know they understand what it takes to keep the neighborhood secure. We created location-specific pages based on regional search queries, and supplemented content written for a national audience with copy that adapts to a searcher’s location using the same GeoIP technology that powers SHIELD’s dynamic navigation.

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