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Adapting to industry changes with a digital-first approach


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Lawyers deal with evolving laws all the time. But sometimes, huge legislative changes upend entire practice areas. When a new set of laws went into effect in British Columbia, the law firm of Stephens & Holman needed to reevaluate how they captured potential clients’ attention and went looking for a partner who could help it adapt. Parkway started with a new website and paired it with an ongoing multi-channel digital strategy that delivers measurable results.

Stephens & Holman had previously spent the majority of its advertising funds on more traditional channels like TV. But with a changing legal landscape, it made sense to focus on more measurable and cost effective channels; we recommended starting with SEO and search ads. Before we could point people to the law firm’s website, however, we needed to rebuild it. The rebuild addressed usability concerns with a mobile-first design, infused messaging that reflects the firm’s expertise, and removed thin and irrelevant content. Most importantly, the site is designed to encourage people to reach out to the firm using the short contact form on every page or a prominent (and trackable!) phone number.

After the new website launched, we turned our attention to ongoing digital marketing. Over the last year, the Parkway team has continued to optimize the site for search. With guidance from Stephens & Holman, we’ve focused our content creation efforts on a small number of practice areas the firm is most interested in growing. Strategic internal links and ongoing technical optimizations support these efforts.

Search ads complement content creation, targeting high intent, high volume searches in these same practice areas. Ongoing optimization across campaigns allows us to drive conversions efficiently. Together, SEO and SEM capture attention across a prospective client’s journey, leading them to the right legal team for their case. These efforts, all backed by a technically-sound website that highlights both the firm’s expertise and compassion, have resulted in a sustained conversion rate several times the industry average that continues to improve with time.

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