Digital Data Analytics in Buffalo, NY


Your digital channels are collecting data all day, every day. Not sure what to do with it all? Don’t worry; not only do we know exactly how to use it, we’re really excited about taking a deep dive into all those numbers. We’ll use them to make smart decisions about strategy, targeting and ad creative, fine tuning as time goes on to make your digital marketing both efficient AND effective.

Digital Data Analytics in Buffalo, NY
  • Custom Reporting
  • Goal-Oriented Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Consulting Services


Our clients use digital marketing to reach their business goals, and we’re excited to help you reach yours too. Together, we’ll outline just what goals you’re looking to achieve, so we can celebrate with you when your brand-new website, targeted ad campaign or focus on search engine optimization helps you meet them.

The digital strategies we create for our clients are based on lots of research, the latest best practices, and past successes and failures (because sometimes, a really terrible ad is a better teacher than a pretty decent one). Overtime, Parkway uses your unique data to optimize your digital footprint with updates to user experience, ad placement and content, doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


We love building websites that are easy to use, easy to find and easy on the eyes. Parkway’s web team knows their stuff and they’re big fans of helping our clients learn too.


No matter what your goals are, Parkway can create digital ads that help you meet them. Unless, of course, your goals don’t include selling more stuff or connecting with customers.


Social media lets you connect one-on-one with customers. Plus, there’s a platform for every type of target market, from Snapchatting teens to networking professionals on LinkedIn.