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Website Audits

Sometimes, all it takes to connect with your customers is another set of eyes. Our website audits dive deep into your business’s digital footprint to identify missteps and opportunities alike. During your audit, Parkway Digital’s designers, developers, strategists and writers get to know your website, looking at it from every angle. Our unique observations become the foundation of our recommendations for your website.

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Audit your business’s digital footprint

Our team gets to know your website’s design, code and content, as well as your digital ad campaigns and social media presence. Digital technology and trends are constantly changing, so taking the opportunity to peek behind the scenes every once in a while is a great idea. When you’re constantly consumed by your business, it’s hard to think about how your digital puzzle pieces fit together – that’s where our website audits come in.

We make sure every web page is helpful and every blog post is relevant. Automatic updates and discontinued technology can wreak havoc on a website; our team double checks to make sure yours is technically sound. Each element of your digital strategy should help you serve your customers and meet your business goals.

After a few weeks of getting to know your website, we’ll share the missteps and opportunities we noticed with you. And if you need help getting started on any of our recommendations, we’re happy to do that too!

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