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As a full-service travel agency, The Travel Team knows exactly how to get a group of any size from Buffalo to the tropical destination of their choosing. They were just having a hard time telling people that.

The Travel Team does it all, but that can be a little hard to fit on a website. It’s more overwhelming than reassuring, you know? Instead, Parkway started with a minimalist design (backed by a powerhouse technical framework) that points people in the right direction, depending on whether they’re trying to book their next cruise with the grandkids or hire an experienced corporate event planner.

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The Travel Team responsive web design on mobile

As much as we love talking about websites, there is (just a little bit) more to marketing than a domain name. To help The Travel Team connect with clients on- and off-line, Parkway unified the agency’s expertise under a single sophisticated brand that both reflects their iconic parent company and helps The Travel Team stand on its own. Freshly armed with an arsenal of coordinated marketing materials (plus guidelines that will help them create anything else they could ever need), The Travel Team is ready to show travelers what they’ve got.

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“Parkway Digital has been a great partner throughout our complete rebrand and new website launch. The number of web generated leads has increased dramatically since launch, beyond expectations. Our entire team couldn’t be happier with the experience.”