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Our team of creatives fuses design and technology

Parkway Digital takes on digital challenges with a collaborative team of coders, number-crunchers, strategists, designers and writers. We’re pushing digital boundaries by merging cutting-edge technology with our creative roots. Our multifaceted approach delivers digital solutions that transform the way our clients do business.

Parkway Digital creative team strategizing

Striving to build smarter and do better every day

Despite our combined knowledge on topics ranging from web design and target markets to IPAs and fantasy football, we’ll never rely solely on what we already know. We come to work every day ready to create better websites, campaigns and strategies for our clients. No two days are the same; we love that.

We’re committed to perpetual growth, as individuals and a creative team. We believe learning should be continuous; it’s that belief that pushes us to new heights. Starting and ending every day with the most recent industry news and the latest technology powers our deep desire to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

We’re passionate about serving the city we share with many of our clients. There’s something powerful about Buffalo’s blue-collar, comeback kid culture and we’re proud to be a part of it. Buffalo’s art, culture and community are just a few of the reasons we’re based in The Nickel City. Our city’s storied past and endless potential inspire the work we do.


Parkway Digital Creative Lead Chris Reilley

Chris Reilley

Creative Director

Parkway Digital Senior Developer Rob Klingensmith

Rob Klingensmith

Senior Developer

Parkway Digital Digital Marketing Manager Taylor Flynn Jones

Taylor Flynn Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

Parkway Digital Senior Designer Tyler Schwab

Tyler Schwab

Senior Designer

Parkway Digital Copywriter David Kern

David Kern


Parkway Digital Copywriter Summer Phillipson

Summer Phillipson


Parkway Digital Junior Designer & Social Media Coordinator Aryn Kraus

Aryn Kraus

Junior Designer & Social Media Coordinator

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