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Frost Artisan Bakery

Finding an identity that stands out in a crowded marketplace

Before Frost Artisan Bakery could officially open its doors to customers, it needed help solidifying an identity and creating an online presence all its own. The bakery already had some ideas in mind: the team wanted to provide a welcoming space for locals to come in and enjoy elevated takes on classic recipes while also being ready to fulfill custom orders or catering requests.

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The Project
Creating a brand and online presence from scratch

Frost loves taking a modern approach to classic, homemade recipes. Our team aimed to come up with a logo, voice and website that spoke to the kind of desserts Frost wanted to bake and the environment it hoped to cultivate. Once these details were finished, we began working on optimized, messaging-forward content that could also be shared on social.

Our Approach
Bringing refined warmth to digital channels

Frost’s identity is all about pairing the old with the new. We honored this with a classically-shaped logo featuring modern fonts and a bright color palette. For tone, we chose to weave warmth and refinement throughout the content and ensure that we spoke to the needs of both locals looking for a new place to try and those searching for a baker for their special events. Frost’s new blog features topics of interest to both audiences, which are shared across social channels and promoted in social ads.