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Richardson Olmstead Campus




Website Design

Buffalo’s iconic architecture, parks and parkways, and vibrant neighborhoods do more than just hint at our city’s rich history. But as manufacturing and transportation changed over the last century, so did the City of Good Neighbors. The Richardson Olmsted Campus is one of many architectural gems that sat underutilized and decaying until very recently—but not anymore.

Buffalo’s recent renaissance has a lot of success stories; one of our favorites is the Richardson Olmsted Campus. With a new visual identity and unifying message, the Campus needed a website that tied together the conflicted history, present redevelopment and exciting future of Richardson’s buildings and Olmsted’s landscape. Parkway delivered a digital footprint that highlights how Buffalonians and visitors alike can experience the campus today while also remembering the people who lived and worked at the Campus in the centuries before.

Welcoming Visitors to Get to Know the Campus

While many know the Campus for its boutique hotel, there are lots of other ways to explore the space, from bike rides to building tours, as well as art both inside and out. The new website helps people get to Campus and explore their surroundings once they’ve arrived. From May to October, history buffs, architecture enthusiasts, and curious tourists (and Western New Yorkers!) can find all the information they need to reserve a spot on an upcoming tour of the Campus.

And if one of these visitors is inclined to support the Richardson Olmsted Campus’s mission of rehabilitation and reuse, they can do that on the website too. A call to action in the header encourages users to explore how both financial contributions and gifts of time can help preserve and reimagine these grounds for generations to come.

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