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Digital Strategy.

Attracting eager travelers with a multichannel digital strategy


The Travel Team




Digital Strategy
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As a full-service travel agency, The Travel Team knows exactly how to get a group of any size from Buffalo to the tropical destination of their choosing. In an industry where expertise matters, it’s important for The Travel Team to stand out from other voices online with a presence that’s both professional and inspirational. Since 2018, Parkway has been working with the travel agency to connect with potential clients across digital platforms.

As COVID restrictions eased, we sat down together to outline a digital strategy shaped to help The Travel Team take advantage of a post-pandemic travel boom. The cornerstone of this refreshed approach: a new website designed and built to improve on already impressive content-based search engine success. The agency’s previous website was created with a focus on images of idyllic destinations and business travelers. But over time, optimized content has proven to be one of The Travel Team’s most successful digital tactics.

The agency’s new website highlights content in ways that are user friendly and considers how text displays on mobile screens. We also incorporated inspirational (and optimized) blog posts throughout the website to point potential clients toward relevant business, group and leisure travel content. Of course, the site is also technically sound, integrates with other tools The Travel Team uses and complies with strict privacy standards.

Parkway also continued researching and writing search-optimized travel content that answers the questions business travelers and vacationers turn to Google for. With a commitment to quality, we’ve assembled a travel resource search engines (and travelers) trust for topics ranging from “family spring break destinations” to “business travel tips.” Now, this content is organized into categories that mirror The Travel Team’s distinct divisions, so we can remarket to readers based on the subject of the article(s) they engaged with if we want to.

Parkway also manages The Travel Team’s social media accounts to share its expert opinion on everything from corporate travel best practices to destination guides across appropriate channels.

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