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Villa Maria College serves a diverse student body with a student-centered approach that spans the arts, technology and healthcare. Over the last few years, Villa reinvented how it communicates its unique approach to higher education with prospective students. We’ve helped integrate the College’s inclusive messaging and colorful collages into its social media presence and digital ads. The only thing missing was a website that fully reflected what Villa has to offer.

The previous website served both current and prospective students, which resulted in a huge website that failed to support either audience completely. Before design and development began, we worked with Villa’s internal team to streamline the sitemap, copy, navigation and forms across the site.

Less is more throughout Villa’s new website, except in a few important ways. The site now includes brighter colors, more original imagery and obvious calls to action specific to the needs of potential applicants. Prospective students will also find student-focused photography that showcases the campus community.

Simplifying user experience with development

Our designers weren’t the only ones focused on simplifying user experience during Villa’s website project. The development team also got to work implementing technology designed to assist website users and Villa’s internal team. Parkway helped Villa establish a Google Cloud account through Google for Education, giving the College access to Google’s advanced Programmable Search Engine at no cost. Then, we integrated the search engine into WordPress’s existing interface for a search experience that looks like it’s part of the website while providing highly accurate results.

The new site contains a refreshed PDF generator, allowing website visitors and campus employees alike to document inputs from form submissions and event registrations. Lastly, Villa’s website now includes PayPal Smart Payment Buttons for a simplified and secure checkout experience. Site users can submit payments directly on the website without the costs of maintaining a traditional payment processor.

Unifying Villa’s digital strategy

Now, Instagram posts and display ads direct future students to corresponding landing pages with clear calls to action for a cohesive message. Updated analytics and reporting allow us to better understand how these elements of Villa’s digital strategy are working together to capture prospective students’ information.

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