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Brand Development.

Introducing an approachable brand with a strategic cross-platform campaign


Vision Financial Group




Brand Voice
Content Creation
Website Design
Campaign Strategy

When two established financial planning firms merged, they had an opportunity to create a business that stands out in an industry that can feel exclusive and overwhelming. Parkway developed a brand voice that reflects Vision Financial Group’s commitment to empowering families and businesses, no matter where they are on their financial journey.

Then, we wove this unique perspective throughout the brand’s website content and design, as well as traditional advertising assets like radio and TV spots. Each medium reflects Vision’s new position as a supportive, empathetic and practical financial partner through compassionate language and relatable imagery.

Simplifying user experience

Financial planning can be overwhelming for individuals and businesses who know they should be doing something—they just aren’t sure what. Most firms’ websites reinforce this feeling with huge lists of services and a lot of industry jargon. So we stripped out all the big words and bigger menus. We replaced them with inclusive imagery, streamlined navigation and calls to action that encourage potential clients to talk to a financial professional about their future no matter where they are right now.

Connecting with potential clients

With an approach that sets it apart from other firms reflected in its brand voice and digital footprint, it was time to tell the region about Vision Financial Group.

We worked with Vision’s internal team, as well as partners like production studio Bruckman Media, to build a holistic strategy for introducing the new firm. Each medium—including video, radio and digital ads—was guided by Parkway’s creative direction and vision for the brand’s voice. Together, ads showcase an empowering approach to financial planning, touching Vision’s broad target audiences on the wide variety of channels they use every day.

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