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Digital Advertising

No matter what your goals are, Parkway Digital can create a digital advertising campaign that helps you meet them. That is, unless your goals don’t include growing your business, selling more stuff or connecting with customers. With your industry, location and biggest fans in mind, our team of strategists and designers will create a digital campaign designed to turn searchers and scrollers into loyal customers.

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A Buffalo advertising agency with a focus on digital

Want to show customers you totally get them? We’ll take what we already know your customers love and combine it with our digital advertising knowhow to create campaigns that hit home. In fact, one of Parkway Digital’s favorite things about digital advertising is just how targeted it can be. Discount-savvy moms in Western New York, check. Fashion-obsessed millennials in New York and LA, you got it.

Using cutting-edge digital strategy, we’ll work hard to capture and engage your target audience in real-time. From search and display ads to social media ads, we’ll find every avenue possible to deliver your content to the right people. And we don’t just stop there; our goal is to convert your visitors into valuable customers. Parkway’s digital advertising campaigns are strategically planned and executed with poise to drive action and engagement that maximizes your return on investment (ROI).

Our number-crunching nerds are set on crushing goals and exceeding your expectations, which is why we’re obsessed with digital advertising’s measurable results. We’ve used digital advertising to sell products, promote events, grow email lists and increase brand awareness for our clients. How do we know? We’re constantly tracking clicks, calls, subscriptions and sales (or whatever else you need us to) right on your website.

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