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A personal touch has always separated a good customer experience from a great one. Treating your clients to a customized experience when your only connection is a WiFi signal might seem complicated. Using geography-based targeting, or geotargeting, to divide your marketing helps you connect with customers through relevant, thoughtful messages based on where they live, work and visit.

Shield Security Systems website featuring geofencing

Geotargeting for a customized visitor experience

Parkway Digital helps businesses incorporate geotargeting into every element of their digital strategy. Whether you’re looking to run Facebook ads in your store’s neighborhood or want to customize your website visitors’ experience based on where they live, it’s possible with geotargeting technology.

It starts with strategic messaging that shows your customers you get what it means to live in their city. We place your unique messages on the digital platforms where your potential clients spend time – but only in the regions where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Dynamic geotargeted website content ensures site users enjoy a customized experience based on their location, no matter how they got to your landing page.

For an even more targeted campaign, turn to geofencing and advertise to potential customers as they walk by your store or visit your competitors’ brick-and-mortar locations.

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