Only a handful of your website visitors actually convert after one interaction with your site. So what about the rest of them? Incorporating a remarketing strategy into your digital marketing mix allows you to reconnect with these visitors in places beyond your website, like banner ads on other websites, social media, ads in the search results or even their email inbox. Parkway Digital builds remarketing strategies to connect with your website visitors who didn’t quite complete a conversion.

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Reengaging with visitors through remarketing

A conversion doesn’t necessarily mean a sale. It could be any action on your website you find valuable and helps you meet your marketing goals. Maybe a visitor abandoned their shopping cart, didn’t subscribe to your email list or opted not to fill out a survey. Whatever the conversion case may be, someone visited your site and left without taking any valuable action. Remarketing lets us identify these users and build what’s called a remarketing list.

Once we have a remarketing list of website visitors who didn’t convert, we can retarget those users with targeted display and search ads that feature the products or services they showed interest in while on your site. For all you know, they may have left your site simply because they were interrupted and they need a friendly reminder to revisit their shopping cart. Because these remarketing ads are highly relevant, there’s a pretty good chance the users who see them are going to circle back to your site.

What if someone signed up for your monthly newsletter or registered for an event you hosted – but they didn’t make a purchase or join your rewards program? You can use the information you already collected from these potential customers to create an email remarketing campaign. Email allows you to reengage with these individuals on a deeper, more personalized level.

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