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Search Advertising

Excelling at search advertising takes research, strategy, creativity and technical know-how. As certified Google Partners, we have the skills it takes to build a robust search campaign tailored specifically to your industry, brand and goals. We work with our clients to create search ads that align with their digital strategies and connect with their potential customers.

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Introducing searchers to your company

Search advertising allows your company’s ads to display at the top of targeted search engine results pages through a real-time bidding process. Competing against other businesses like yours with paid search ads isn’t just about raising bids. Parkway Digital executes well-planned search campaigns that create tailored customer experiences with cohesive keywords, ad copy, calls to action and landing pages.

Our team uses search trends, past performance, predictive technology and competitor data to discover relevant keywords for your campaign. Your customized search engine advertising strategy will account for geographic, demographic and behavioral insights too. The targeting capabilities of search advertising allow us to customize who sees a particular ad based on location, online habits, keyword use and more.

Our affinity for analytics means that we constantly comb your campaigns for opportunities for improvement and increased return on investment!

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