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Social Media Advertising

Do you have a new product? Did you just launch your website? Are you hosting an upcoming event? Social media advertising might just be the best way to spread the word. But you can’t just wing it. You need a focused campaign designed to turn heads and spark action. We’re here to help you set social media advertising goals, create eye-catching ads, find the perfect target audience and review the results.

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Building ads that reach your target audience

Connecting with the right audience is essential to any successful social media campaign. Defining exactly who your target audience is can be tricky. Showing your ads to people who care about your business’s big news makes your ads more efficient and effective. Parkway Digital will help your company find just the right eyes for your ads with a mix of specific demographics, psychographics and geotargeting.

We’ll work together to make sure your ads are engaging and unique to catch the eye of your targeted audience. Of course, pretty ads aren’t the point. They should also encourage viewers to take action and help you meet your campaign goals! With your budget in mind, we can create an organic strategy designed to support your ads and increase excitement about your big news.

After launching your social media ads, we shift our attention to one of the most important details of digital marketing: analytics. Throughout your campaign, we’ll be (obsessively) tracking and measuring your social campaign’s results to make sure you’re connecting with customers and reaching your goals. Keeping an eye on this end of things long before your campaign ends gives us time to make adjustments, like shifting your target audience or updating your message.

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