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Giving your customers the ability to shop for your products from their couch is a smart business decision. If you want to sell your products online, a website with ecommerce capabilities is a must. A welcoming website and accessible ecommerce platform are the first step toward capturing new customers and growing your business online.

Red Disk ecommerce responsive website design

Developing navigable ecommerce web design

Good ecommerce web design converts your website visitors into customers with easy-to-navigate pages and a quick checkout process. Without these essentials, you may be losing sales. Parkway Digital’s designers and developers are excited to make your customers’ online shopping experience headache-free. A straightforward user experience keeps customers coming back to your ecommerce site for more.

To earn the trust of your customers in today’s digital environment, you can’t forget about security. A distraction-free design that puts your website visitors’ well-being above bells and whistles creates an enjoyable shopping experience for your potential customers. Once the must-haves are taken care of, we’ll help your products stand out with commonsense navigation, custom functionality and persuasive copy that isn’t too sales-y.

Why should you invest in your own ecommerce platform, when you could easily sell on a third-party platform? We think it’s pretty simple: opting for a platform like Amazon or Etsy means you lose potential profits with every sale. Plus, your potential customers could easily be distracted by your competitors’ products. And there’s no way to optimize those platforms to sell your products specifically. With your own ecommerce website, every decision we make, from design to structure to content, points people to what you have to offer them.

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