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Responsive Web Design

Today’s fast-paced world demands a different kind of digital experience, one that meets users right where they are. Whether your potential customers are looking for your holiday hours from their phone or doing comparison shopping from their computer, your website should look great. Responsive design allows websites to seamlessly adapt to a user’s screen size. We’re here to help you figure out what a responsive layout means for your business’s website, whether you’re looking for a quick refresh or starting from scratch.

Cellular Preservation Technologies website design tablet display

Keeping Google’s mobile-first index in mind

Why is responsive design so important? Well, Google said so – seriously. You also need to think about it from your potential customers’ point of view. They probably don’t have their computer handy at the exact moment they think to look up the ingredients they need for dinner or find a mechanic for their car’s next oil change. Making your website mobile-friendly is essential if you want to accommodate these on-the-go consumers.

Responsive design appeals to your site visitors and search engines. Google’s mobile-first index uses the mobile version (rather than the desktop version) of your website to figure out what your pages are all about. Google uses the information it finds to rank your website within its search results. If your mobile website and desktop website are different (which is often the case without responsive design), you could be losing organic traffic.

From the very start of your project, our web designers build with responsive design in mind. Each new element on a page is prioritized, shifted and stretched to make sure it helps your website visitors find what they’re looking for and looks great doing it. Parkway Digital tests our responsive designs on really big screens, itty-bitty screens and lots of sizes in between to make sure every one of your users can find what they’re looking for.

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