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User Experience

Understanding your website’s visitors is the first step toward a user experience they love. What are your customers looking for when they visit your website? What details do they value – and which can they do without? These are the questions we dive into before building a website strategy designed to give your customers the best user experience possible. After all, your website is often your first impression.

Buffalo Museum of Science homepage responsive web design on tablet

Delivering responsive design and optimized navigation

The best user experiences go beyond a checklist of must-have features. At Parkway Digital, we design with your clients’ needs as our first priority. Using the latest technology, we deliver a user experience that transforms the way customers interact with your brand online. Responsive design ensures a flawless experience, whether your website visitors are browsing on a laptop from the couch or waiting for their morning coffee with their phone in their hand.

The perfect user experience doesn’t happen overnight. We start with a whole lot of audience research – we’re talking heatmaps, user flows and one-on-one discussions. Then, Parkway Digital’s designers and strategists map intuitive navigation paths that help website visitors connect with your company. Less is definitely more, so we build websites that require fewer clicks and taps to get your users exactly where they want to go. We wouldn’t dream of forgetting to test your new flow; a little bit of trial and error helps us clean up any user experience hiccups.

User experience isn’t all about the data. An eye-catching aesthetic and visual cues make your new website easier to navigate. It may seem obvious, but a good user experience encourages potential customers to stay on your website longer and keeps them coming back for more. Plus, when users like what they see and know where to go, they’re more likely to fill out a form, give you a call or add your product to their virtual shopping cart.

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