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Case study: Redesigning to maximize conversion rate

By February 17, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

Finding a general contractor or construction company to take on small jobs feels almost impossible lately. When you do get a trustworthy recommendation, contacting the business is just as difficult. Broken websites, ignored calls and unreturned emails are unfortunately pretty common across the construction industry.

When we upgraded Decks Unlimited’s digital presence, we made sure their potential customers didn’t have to jump through hoops to get ahold of them. An updated design helps this construction company stand out from its competition online and makes it easy to contact them.

Decks Unlimited’s modern redesign builds trust with website visitors using high-quality photos and glowing reviews. Then, we made it simple for these potential customers to contact the company with easily accessible forms.

Screenshot of Decks Unlimited testimonial
Websites typically use optimized layouts for their ads’ landing pages and SEO-focused topics. These specialized pages deliver median conversion rates between 3 and 5.5%. This means that approximately 3 to 5 of every 100 visitors to one of these optimized pages will become a lead or a customer, depending on the website’s goal. We can assume that most websites have a much lower conversion rate overall than their optimized landing pages.

In the year since Decks Unlimited’s website launched in January 2019, the website as a whole has a web form conversion rate of 8.17%. In March, a time when many people begin to plan for the summer, the site-wide conversion rate hit more than 14%. How did Parkway Digital maximize the impact of Deck Unlimited’s website redesign?

1. Social Proof

People care about their homes and the people who do work on them. Decks, porches and fences are an investment. That makes testimonials and pictures from a wide variety of jobs essential. This social proof builds trust between Decks Unlimited and its potential customers.
Screenshot of Decks Unlimited portfolio

2. Contact Opportunities

Decks Unlimited’s phone number and Request a Quote page are always accessible to website visitors, thanks to a design incorporating both main and top navigations. We also placed a contact form on every page, making it even easier to ask for a quote.

Screenshot of Decks Unlimited contact form

3. Personalized Experience

It seems counterintuitive, but adding a few extra fields to the Request a Quote form actually enhances a user’s experience. By asking potential customers what type of project they’re thinking about and an estimate of their budget, Decks Unlimited can better serve its customers in the long run.