Designing Your Website to Increase Sales

When it comes to website design and development, there are a myriad of techniques to use to complete a well-performing site. In the case of designing a website to increase sales or conversions, there is even more to consider. We take a look at the easiest ways to turn your users into conversions, and your conversions into loyal clientele.


Marketing Ideas

Social Media

Take advantage of social media platforms. You can leverage it by linking your profiles to your website (start by placing them in the navigation, footer, and contact page) so that your users can easily find and follow your social profiles. Not only will you increase your brand’s digital presence, social media accounts provide a host of other opportunities. Consider the visibility and trust your clients will gain from reading reviews and getting a better understanding of your business model through photos and posts. Social media it a great place to host a giveaway and provides a casual environment to tell your story and promote your offerings.

Email Marketing

An easy to use marketing platform like Mailchimp will allow you to connect with your client’s more often via email campaigns. Set up automation to build your brand and sell more products, both using seamless (time-saving) interactions. In addition to an email marketing strategy, your website’s contact forms should be short in length but should capture your user’s email address in order to help build your email lists.


Website Design

Ready for Conversions

A few simple additions to your website design will help increase conversions. A call to action button could direct users to a new product or a task you want them to do. “Download this PDF” or “Sign Up Today” are good examples. Create landing pages for your advertising campaigns and help users through their web experience from the moment they enter your website.


Make sure your mobile design is as robust as its desktop version!


This is the best way to determine that your website and marketing plan is functioning properly. Add Google Analytics to your website to track what methods are working best, set goals and keep track of your conversions. Make changes and improvements based on the best research there is – data!


If your goal is to take your marketing strategy to the next level, you should implement these techniques. Most of them are free, easy to use platforms that will transform your brand’s visibility. Making the most of each digital touchpoint will mean that each customer interaction will yield a significant return on investment (ROI).


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