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Email Marketing

We’re masters at the art of a good email marketing strategy. The right combination of content and design, plus a subject line that’s too click-worthy to ignore, are what set our emails apart from the other messages in your customers’ inboxes. Whether you’re a small startup or an established brand, email marketing is a powerful addition to your mix of digital marketing.

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Meeting your goals with a smart email strategy

Email is a direct line of communication between your business, and your potential customers and current clients. Email marketing is permission-based; when someone signs up for your email newsletter, they gave you their permission to show up in their inbox. You’re not emailing just anyone, only the leads who actually want to get updates from you.

One of our favorite things about email is that it’s not affected by any sort of algorithm (looking at you, Instagram). Email marketing is a pretty level playing field, which is another reason it works for lots of different kinds of companies. Add in the convenience of checking your email from your phone, and it’s no wonder email delivers incredible results.

With a well thought-out strategy, email can help you meet your marketing goals, whether you’re looking for whitepaper downloads, event registrations or e-commerce sales. Plus, email campaigns deliver some of marketing’s largest returns on investment (ROI). What’s not to love about that?

The Parkway Digital team builds results-driven strategies with a personal touch to create effective email marketing – without being annoying. A well thought-out email can be the difference between someone reading what your email has to say and hitting the delete button without hesitation. From calls to action to optimized landing pages, we know exactly how to encourage your email subscribers to take the next step, whether they’re reading your monthly newsletter or abandoned their virtual shopping cart.

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We are a Mailchimp Partner

Parkway Digital is recognized as a Mailchimp Partner, meaning we’re well-equipped to grow your business through email marketing. Our access to exclusive insights and opportunities helps our clients capture the power of email.

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